Senior Design Engineer

Job description

Do you want to develop equipment for breeding insects that has never been created before? Then you might be our new Senior Design Engineer


Engineering team 

The goal is to roll-out several production facilities worldwide in the coming years. We make this possible with an engineering team within Protix which is multidisciplinary in nature. Your role as design engineer will take part in the equipment development team.  The equipment development team is responsible for the design and engineering of state-of-the-art industrial insect rearing equipment and machines suitable for the next generation insect rearing facilities.

The position

You enjoy the process of developing equipment for a brand-new industry; industrial scale insect production. You are responsible for the designing, detailing, testing and drawing equipment and production facilities needed for insect based products.  You are able to work on the conceptual level and visualize engineering ideas in order to present to other team members or communicate to third parties. Designing and substantiating (sub)systems is a piece of cake. You've got experience in bringing your 3D models into various fabrication processes. You do all this while managing the project schedule and costs. When it comes to testing you easily work with different stakeholders and suppliers.  In short, you like that you are involved from beginning to the end result including all the steps in between.

Working within Protix is an excellent opportunity to excel both personally and professionally in a fast- paced entrepreneurial and sustainable environment. You'll work closely with the project engineering team and many other teams within Protix like R&D and operations. 


Experience and education

  • Bachelor of Master degree with technical background
  • At least 7 years of relevant working experience
  • Good understanding of manufacturing/ assembly/ installation methods
  • Good written and oral communication skills in English (and preferably Dutch)
  • Knowledge of, and skill in 2D CAD (AutoCAD) and 3D CAD software (SolidWorks)
  • Living in The Netherlands, preferably close to Protix headquarters (Dongen)
  • You like to travel and so provide support to your project
  • Any relevant experience to familiar industries (argriculture, machine building) is an advantage

Skills and competencies 

  • Results-driven and long-term focus, you keep the bigger picture in mind and are goal driven
  • You enjoy working with different (external) disciplines and can translate the insights to benefit the project
  • You work best in multidisciplinary teams but can also work independently on projects
  • You connect and communicate your (new) ideas easily at different levels (also with stakeholders and suppliers)
  • You are proactive, see new opportunities and dare to challenge yourself and the team 
  • You are able to create specifications and working with technical documents is easy for you
  • You are great at managing your own projects and taking full responsibility to deliver agreed scope within schedule and budget